The 3Doodler PRO was released in 2016 after finding out that the market was looking for a tool that has more variety of materials to prototype and design with. What was on the market back then was the 3Doodler Create, a simpler version with 2 speed settings, and 3 types of plastic. The 3Doodler PRO has 6 speed settings and controllable temperature settings.
Softwares Used
Art Direction
Faraz Warsi
Graphic Design

3Doodler PRO

• Using the Brand Styleguide to provide the expertise on clearly laying out valuable information
• Create a distinguishable design to make the product stand out in the stores
• As a product exclusively selling at a higher price point, the 3Doodler PRO’s packaging and the contents has to look luxurious
• Create visuals for all print materials related to the 3Doodler PRO
Packaging Sleeve
As the first detail of the Packaging our possible users see, they needed concise but informative packaging to engage them. The sleeve has information about the pen’s features, which plastics are compatible and who the pen is targeted for.
Plastic Pack Packaging
The 3Doodler Pro is not only capable of doodling with the basic PLA, ABS and FLEXY but also wood, metals, nylon and polycarbonate. We needed to differentiate these plastics packs with the basics that are also compatible with our other product, the 3Doodler Create in order to prevent people from buying plastics that were incompatible with the pen they had.

In order to create a clear distinction between the different plastics that were available for the different pens we sold (e.g 3Doodler Start and Create)
Materials Snapshot
A simple one-look guide to teach users how to use the 3Doodler PRO pen. Since the pen has multiple settings depending on what kind of plastic or speed the users want, and there are various plastic types that need to use certain temperature settings for optimal doodling.
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