The Challenge & Responsibilities
Keepsake is a B2C company selling quality framed photos at an affordable price. It has over 10,000 reviews on the app store with an average rating of 4.9 stars.  

For this project, I was responsible for working with the branding agency to strategise the direction for our new rebranding. After the branding guidelines were handed to our team, I led the design of the app’s UI and improvements for the UX for our users.
Softwares Used
Adobe XD
Sony A6000
IOS Developer /UX
Adam Weiss
Erin, Unsplash

Keepsake App Redesign

Customer Pain Points
• Issues understanding the size differences of the frames we were offering
• Could not envision how the frames could live in their homes
• Found some UI such as buttons difficult to differentiate
Our Pain Points
• Our main strategies is to bring in friendlier tone to make our brand feel more approachable and human
• Stick out from our competitors on the app store
User Journey
1. Start View
This is the first page users see after opening the app. The previous design was simple and it was clear what Keepsake does as a company, however we wanted users to feel more emotions, to reminisce a memory. We did this by showing a slideshow of emotion evoking images.

• Help them understand what Keepsake does (framing)
• Evoke emotions
• Inspire users
2. Category Selection
Users choose size/type of frame category  
• Help them easily decide between different sizes and prices of frames
• Inspire users on how the frames could be laid out
3. Choose Your Frame
This is where users choose their frames. There are different frame styles, colours and sizes. For users to choose if they want a hanging or standing frame.Allows users to see all of their orders, the total amount, an a choice to add a personal note.

• To make sure the final product customers receive will be as close to the preview to maximise customer satisfaction.
4. Checkout View
Where they will be shipping to? To themselves or another person? When they want this delivered, to see the order summary, add a promo code. Contact details and payment.

• To make this process more friendly, including the voice and icon. (e.g “Done” page with a friendly ending to the process)
• Previous design said “Address Line 1&2” and this confused users and customer service had to manually change this information. By changing it to “Street Address, Apartment #” we were able to save time and make it easier for users.
5. Other Faces
a. Hamburger Menu
b. Gift Cards
c. Countries